Potato trials

We found some Taste The Difference potatoes in the best before tray. They didn’t look too good for eating due to some green patches on the skins (which is poisonous) and signs of shoots appearing on the tubers. It’s quite possible that they would have ended up not being sold at all and therefore wasted. Let’s try to save them…

The first pack are called Vivaldi – they were grown in Scotland and are “so buttery that they don’t need butter”, according to the packet. However, at 60p for 14 tubers, let’s see what happens if we grow them in Hythe!

The second packet was Anya. Grown in Norfolk and exclusive to this supermarket. We got 17 of these for just over £1. Some are a little damaged and disfigured, but their genes remain intact!

We will grow some of these conventionally, and also in patio tubs to see how they fare. Watch this space for updates.