Late Winter Salad

Combining indoor and outdoor pickings to create this lovely, colourful, late winter bistro style salad, from barely anything around my tiny edible garden and windowsill. Outdoors provided chicory hearts, beetroot, rainbow chard, parsley, baby kale, chives and rocket. The indoor windowsill provided watercress, basil, fennel and coriander from plants I’ve kept going all winter with water. The watercress was taken from a cutting from a bag of bought salad many months ago!

In the shops, this is at least £2 worth (I got 2 good portions like the photo above), and there’s enough for me to do the same again for at least another 10 times, all picked on the spot, with no packaging or food miles.  I have done very little tending to these plants since they were planted over 9 months ago, so it’s a very pleasant surprise to have this on hand at this time of year. £20 saved too!