We are currently working on some group activities;

Edible gardening

We are currently working on two edible gardening projects;

Firstly, there’s the garden at Tynwald retirement home in Hillside Street. This is being run as a community garden with a developing emphasis as an edible garden.

Do join us most Thursdays 10:30-13:30 & Saturdays 11:30-13:30. It’s all about growing together!

We are also taking part in a land sharing project, whereby those without gardens can grow vegetables in gardens which the owners are unable to cultivate.

Let us know if you can contribute in any way.

Bread making

We are working on an ultimate goal of home baking healthy, cheap, and fresh bread. If you are interested in this project, please contact us.


If you are interested in Upcycling, please let us know.