About Us

You may already be familiar with Transition Hythe, which has been around for the last 6 years in our town.

The organisers made a decision to move away from following the true concepts of Transition at the beginning of 2017.

They are now called the Hythe Environmental Community Group, and concentrate on local environmental projects rather than looking at the individual, or global picture.

The remainder of the original group has now reformed as HytheAlive.

We are putting the emphasis on benefiting the individual, while still ensuring that our projects encapsulate the key concepts outlined by the Transition Network.

We’re a friendly open-minded group, and welcome any contributions of ideas or assistance from anyone who’d like to get involved.

We’re connecting ourselves through Food, Sharing, Creativity and Wellbeing.

You might like to read about our philosophy, and as this site grows, there will be ideas and inspiration for you to engage in yourself.

We look forward to meeting you sometime!