About Us

You may already be familiar with the Transition movement. One was started in Hythe, which had been operational for 6 years or so in the town.

At the beginning of 2017 a decision was made to concentrate on local environmental projects rather than focusing on the global picture. The group is now called the Hythe Environmental Community Group. Litter picking, beach guardians, Bumble bees, plant swaps, and energy surveys are the sort of activities now practiced.

I felt that there was something missing for anyone still keen on taking part in their own personal journey, and negating the affects that this might have on climate change.

This site puts the emphasis on individual activities, while still ensuring that any ideas and encapsulate the key concepts outlined by the Transition Network.

Although the site is in support of Hythe residents on the gound, many of the ideas published can be adapted by anyone, anywhere, so it’s taking on a wider appeal.

Contributions of ideas or assistance from anyone who’d like to get involved are very welcome.

The connective ideas link Food, Sharing, Creativity and Wellbeing.

You might like to read about our philosophy, and as this site grows, there will be ideas and inspiration for you to engage in yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you.