Recycling Litter

There is lots of litter around Hythe as usual. A monthly litter-pick is arranged by the Hythe Environmental Community Group (HytheECG) to address this visually annoying problem locally. If you have a few hours spare on their Saturday clean-ups, please give them a hand.

However, although they put in a stirling effort, they do not encourage pickers to recycle what they pick up. If you choose to help with the litter pick, it would be nice if you could harvest any recyclables that you come across and put them in a recycling bin or take them home to your own bin. That makes the litter pick more productive and worthwhile. This is mainly cans and drink bottles, which save lots of CO2 if they are recycled;

Cans save 96% of their manufacturing energy by being recycled. 1 tonne of cans saves the same amount of CO2 caused by one westernised human in a whole year!

Glass bottles – 21% of the energy is saved by recycling bottles

Plastic bottles – 76% of the energy saved by recycling

I noticed that CocaCola are now looking at a deposit scheme in Scotland, and when that happens, you won’t ever see them on the ground again.